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Okay, I think I’m getting off this blog.


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“My time is mine to waste is it not?” he smiles “Unless I am wrong at which point I waste your time as well, but at that point my intentions aren’t good and you get proven right, correct? therefore I can chose to spend my time as I so please as long as I do not waste yours?”

He chuckles, “Respect may not be something you are familiar with, but you have my respect, it is give, until you do something to lose it… Once lost it is very difficult, nigh impossible, to regain.”

You notice that some of his language is almost as if he’s from a far off land, or long ago.

“That sounds like a great deal and I can’t say I have had cajun food, is it spicy? It sounds it… I love spicy foods” he smiles and holds out his hand “Deal?”

“Logical argument I guess,” she admitted and thought it over. “If I believed that you were wasting my time I’d let you know one way or the other. You win that round then.” She gave him a confused look, her head tilting to the side and biting down on her lip. “Why would you respect a person you just met and barely know? That’s like trusting someone blindly, not a good idea.” He spoke oddly but she’d met so many people who spoke different languages that she didn’t comment on it. “Cajun food is a bit spicy, yes, and if you love spicy foods then you’ll enjoy New Orleans.” Ana accepted his hand with a smile, “Deal.”

He smiles “Yay me for a win” he says with a small chuckle, 

“Respect for other people is like respect for yourself? If I choose not to respect you straight away, I’m disrespecting my own attitude, behaviour and values? If on the other hand I treat you with respect from the get-go surely you’re more likely to act in a respectable manner around me? Therefore enabling us to continue this conversation? Which with a pretty woman such as yourself, is in my best interests” he smiles.

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